ASU's e-sports team wins competition

ASU has just won a national championship in a sport you may have never heard of, e-sports.

Millions of fans watched players online and on television compete in all kinds of games.

The Heroes of the Dorm grand finals took place in Seattle, thousands of fans went crazy, some compare it to the March Madness Tournament.

"So it is like, the main objective of the game is kind of like capture the flag, and each team has a flag, but instead of trying to capture the flag, you're trying to destroy the flag," said Michael Udall.

There are five players on each team and ASU swept to victory, no one else came close.

"Our work and discipline is the biggest reason, we put in the hours, we put in the work," said Udall.

It paid off, each member of the ASU team won free tuition for the rest of college.