Ashanti Billie's father wants death penalty for alleged killer Eric Brown

The father of Ashanti Billie said he wants the death penalty for the Navy veteran accused of killing his 19-year-old daughter.

Tony and Brandy Billie were given the keys to their daughter Mini Cooper on Thursday after it had been booked into evidence. The Prince George's County teen's car was found on Sept. 23, five days after she disappeared while reporting to work at the Blimpie's on Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in Norfolk.

Ashanti Billie's pants, which were covered in dirt, were found inside the car.

"The day she got the car, she pulled up in front of our apartment complex and got out and just started dancing," her mother Brandy Billie recalled.

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The Billies were inside the Norfolk FBI field office and said they didn't receive many answers, including how 45-year-old Eric Brian Brown allegedly killed their daughter or where it happened.

Ashanti Billie's body was found behind a church in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sept. 29. Authorities said Brown, who spent 21 years in the Navy, attended vacation Bible school at the church as a child.

"There is no official cause of death. That's something we really wanted to know. What was the actual cause of death? But nothing," Brandy Billie said.

"I just want complete answers for myself so I can say, 'Now I know,'" Tony Billie, Ashanti Billie's father said.

Tony Billie said investigators told him Brown was immediately on their radar after they interviewed people at Ashanti Billie's work who told them about Brown. They said Brown came to the restaurant nearly every day and had been seen flirting with the teen on several occasions.

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Brown was later arrested on unrelated charges. As he was locked up, officials worked on DNA evidence which they say eventually linked Brown to Ashanti Billie.

"It's sickening because looking at him, I don't even see a person. I see an animal. I don't see a real person. I see someone who is just evil. Just evil and sick," Brandy Billie said.

Tony Billie made it clear that he wants Brown to pay for his alleged crime with his life.

"(His) life, that way he can be judged by Almighty God," Tony Billie said. "I don't feel that he deserves the opportunity to be here."

Tony Billie also told FOX 5 he believed his daughter was sexually assaulted since her pants had been removed, but said federal authorities would not confirm that for him.

Brown is due in federal court for a bond hearing on Tuesday. After facing federal kidnapping charges, he is scheduled to go to North Carolina to face murder charges.