As 2017 comes to an end, charities getting boost in donations

Last-minute end-of-year donations are in full swing and as we close out 2017, charities are seeing a big boost in giving.

The Salvation Army is one charitable organization benefiting from the influx of donations during the final days of 2017. Donations have been coming through non-stop and these last few days before the new year tend to be the busiest.

So what happens to the items you donate? Those goods are sorted and then sold at deeply discounted prices at Salvation Army locations across the country.

Most of the donations that are coming in are mostly clothing, but other items such as furniture, household goods, appliances, vehicles and electronics are also welcomed. Also, you can donate money, airlines miles or even donate your time by volunteering.

"Right now, we are busy all day long from the time we open until the time we close," said Major Mark Winters, administrator for The Salvation Army. "Folks know it is the end of the year. They are looking to get their donations to us."

Not only do the donations go to families who may be in need, but they also provide work at the organization's locations for people who need jobs.

Of course, donations are tax-deductible and people can get a dated 2017 receipt that can be used during tax season.

The charity will be open to accept donations through New Year's Eve.

To learn more on how you can donate to The Salvation Army, go to