Arrests made after DC woman set on fire, police say

Police have arrested two people after a woman was set on fire in Southeast D.C. on Sunday, officials say.

Stephanie Chase, a mother of four and a grandmother, suffered third-degree burns on her face, chest, back and hand. Her family says she was trying to break up a fight involving her daughter and a neighbor's daughter that started over a social media feud.

Sade Chase says the female neighbor later came back with a can of gasoline and poured it on her mother.

"I got a whiff of the smell," said Sade. "I knew exactly what it was, but at that time, she had already put the lighter to her. So at that point in time, nothing matters but her - get the fire out, pat her down, stop the flames. That's all that matters."

Video posted on Instagram shows Stephanie on the ground in flames with Sade and her sisters frantically trying to put them out.

Three days later, Sade says her mother made it through her first surgery and has gotten skin grafts for her burns. Her mother's injuries are life-altering and she may be in the hospital for months. But what is overwhelming for her daughters is her progress.

"She's great, she's blessed, she's wonderful," said Sade. "She's strong. Most of all, she's alive."

"We really appreciate everybody's support," said daughter Danyelle Chase. "And please, just keep my mom in your guys' prayers."

The doctors have told Stephanie not to speak with the tube in her throat, so she has written notes to her children.

"I really can't put into words the amazement I felt when she was able to write, 'I love you,' said Sade. "She began to cry and I told her, Don't cry.' She said, 'I'm crying because you saved me. You all saved me.'"

Her daughters are expecting their mother's medical costs to be exorbitant and have started a GoFundMe page to help cover the bills.

Police have charged 39-year-old Darielle Gross and 17-year-old Mylan Barnes with assault with intent to kill while armed. Barnes is being charged as an adult.