Arizona 3rd grader writes more than 30 picture books. His reason why is adorable

An Arizona elementary school student has accomplished a lot and he's only in third grade.

Greyson is only in third grade and has already written 31 picture books. He writes about things he likes – animals and weather.

His reason for writing books might melt your heart.

He has even sold a book at a book fair, so he's considered a published author.

"It's really easy, but it's also hard at the same time," he said.

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He started writing in the second grade.

"It inspired me when I learned how to read. I was like, maybe I should write some books because when I go to the library and read books, all the pages are ripped. So, I decided to make more books for the library," Greyson said.

His books are in the school library for others to enjoy.

The librarian at Westar Elementary School in Goodyear where Greyson is a student says he inspires his classmates to write. Greyson is, of course, happy about that.

"Keep trying your best and don't give up," he said.

Each time Greyson writes a book, he's invited to read them in class.