Anne Arundel schools weighs banning certain flags

Should school buildings have social issue flags flying on flag poles outside school buildings? That's the issue being taken up Wednesday night by the Anne Arundel County school board. 

A proposal to severely restrict what kind of flags could fly over school buildings is being debated before the Anne Arundel School Board – and if passed, could mean gay pride flags, Black Lives Matter flags, and others could be banned. 

The proposed policy says "the board is committed to honoring the flag of the United States of America," and adds that "the display of flags on board property and in AACPS shall be limited to those with a bona-fide educational purpose. " 

Chelsea Bock of Annapolis is concerned that would ban flags for a wide variety of social causes like gay rights and Black rights.

"Mostly people are just confused, annoyed, and particularly annoyed that this is happening in Maryland where we consider ourselves a pretty safe state for a lot of populations, so we’re dealing with the same things that are happening across the country," said Bock. 

Anne Arundel County schools aren't the first in Maryland to look at limiting flags displayed at schools. Caroll County’s school board banned Pride and political flags last year. But a similar proposal in Anne Arundel County's council did not pass. Bob Moser, representative for Anne Arundel schools, told FOX 5 the process here is only just beginning.

 "Tonight will be a first reading and a chance for the public to comment on the policy, it will be a chance for the board to have some discussion, ask some questions and we’ll move forward after a 30-day public comment period to the second reading," said Moser.  

FOX 5 asked to speak to all the board members about this, but were either told they were too busy, or they did not respond. Board member Michelle Corkadel did tell FOX 5 she’ll make her decision after a "thorough analysis," but hopes the community moves forward with "civility, respect and consideration of others."