Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, affects DC-area families

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Dr. Elizabeth Jalazo is a Maryland pediatrician, but also the mom of a daughter with Angelman Syndrome.

Angelman Syndrome is a rare neurogenetic disorder that is caused by a deletion of a small part of the 15th chromosome.

The syndrome results in all-over developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, seizures, sleep disabilities and profound difficulties with communication and coordination.

Dr. Jalazo says most children with Angelman Syndrome are nonverbal, but they can learn to communicate with help of assistance of speech generating devices like iPads.

Feb. 15 is International Angelman Syndrome Day and Feb. 28th is Rare Disease Day and NIH Rare Disease Day is March 1.

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation is hosting their 2018 5K walk at Bethesda Elementary School on May 19. The 5K will be at 9 a.m. with a family half mile walk at 10:30 a.m.