Andre Johnson shopping spree giving kids gifts of a lifetime

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The Andre Johnson shopping spree is giving twelve lucky Houston kids, ranging in ages from 8 to 16, one of the best Christmas experiences of their lives. Johnson is kicking off his annual spree for local kids at Toys R Us on Old Spanish Trail. He's helping kids who need this holiday cheer the most -- they are in Child Protective Services custody. Approximately $20K is spent each year on Johnson's special spree for kids.

Andre has been working with Toys R Us since 2007 on this joint project. Johnson is a former NFL football wide receiver with the Texans. In the 2003 draft, he was the third pick taken in the first round. He had 70 touchdowns, and he was Texans player No. 80. That's exactly the amount of time these kids will have to select their gifts -- 80 seconds to get it in a basket.