Amid coronavirus shutdowns, grandson treats 87-year-old grandma to day at salon

If the coronavirus stay-at-home orders have taught us anything, it’s the importance of family.

Matthew Stewart and his 87-year-old grandmother, Grandma Bobbe, are extremely close. In February, Stewart started a Tik Tok account featuring videos of his hilarious grandmother and in just a few months the duo from Destin, Fla., has accumulated over a million followers.

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In one of his recent viral videos, Stewart decided to treat his grandma to a day at the salon, somewhere she usually goes every week to get her hair done but hasn't been able to for months because of coronavirus restrictions.

“She [was] kind of getting down, getting a little depressed because she didn't have her usual salon day. So I figured I would try it out and see if I could maybe help her out a little bit and make her day,” Stewart told Fox News.

After a wash, blow-dry, styling, and even a little champagne, Grandma Bobbe said her grandson did “a great job.”

Since then, Stewart said he has continued to do his grandma’s hair every week or two.

As things are starting to open up in the family’s home state of Florida, Stewart says he is still being cautious about letting his grandmother go anywhere. Grandma Bobbe, however, is ready for the shutdown to be over.

“[I’ve] been bored to death. But I watch game shows religiously and I work crossword puzzles and that's what keeps me going,” Grandma Bobbe told Fox News. “I'm an easy-going old lady and I've lived through a lot of things and I'm fine. I'm not worried about it.”

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Not even a global pandemic can slow this grandma down as she says she is eager to resume normal life again. Her first stop? The mall.

“I would love to get out. I can't wander around but I would love to go to the mall again. I need some new underwear so I need to go shopping.”