Americans hope to see different format for next presidential debate

The first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden was a chaotic mess of bitter exchanges and name-calling. 

The president’s constant interruptions made it nearly impossible for Fox News moderator Chris Wallace to maintain control. 

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“I’m disappointed. I’m usually pretty proud to be an American citizen, but last night was embarrassing,” said voter Elizabeth Allard. 

“The debate was a microcosm of the times in which we are living,” said D.C. resident Quinton Chad Foster. 

“No one really won that debate, especially not the American people,” said Melissa Kiernan. 

Donald Trump and Joe Biden face off.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden face off in the first presidential debate of 2020. (Getty Images)

With just over 30 days until the November election, voters in the D.C. region are demanding change in the way the remaining debates will be run.

“I think it would be great if you can mute them when they’re going off kilter or talking when they’re not supposed to,” said Allard. 

“Chris Wallace did a great job, but I don’t think he was authoritative enough. I think there needs to be a bigger panel of people to mitigate the disaster we saw on stage,” said voter Andy Paladino. 

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced Wednesday its considering format changes for the remaining two debates saying “additional structure should be added.” 

Political scientist and the director of Presidential studies at the University of Virginia Miller Center, Barbara Perry, weighed in. 

“It was a disgrace, and not the finest hour of American democracy,” said Perry. 

“I would like the moderator to mute the microphone of whichever candidate is trying to speak over the other when it’s not his turn... there should be some manner in which if the other person is not following the guidelines, then it stops... until the person not abiding by the guidelines is ready to behave,” said Perry. 

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The next debate will be on October 15 in Miami. It will be conducted in a townhall- style setting, where ordinary citizens from South Florida will be asking the candidates questions. Perry says she believes it could be an opportunity for the Candidates to turn things around and connect more with the American people.

“If the point can be made to have the candidates speak to the American people.... I think Joe Biden was at his strongest when he spoke directly to the camera,” said Perry. 

As far as what voters want to see in the next debate? 

“I’m looking for knowledge, A plan, empathy... a candidate who will speak directly to me...  who will address the crises we’re dealing with. Ultimately I’m looking for a persona that comforts me,” said Perry.