7 Amazon Prime Day deals that can help you weather anything Mother Nature throws at you

Amazon’s biggest sale of the year happens this week, and FOX Weather has found some deals that can help you prepare for any type of weather.

Despite the name, Prime Day is actually a two-day event that usually happens in the summer. This year it happens on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The deals are only available to Amazon Prime members, so you’ll need to sign up for a membership if you don’t already have one. You might also need to sign in to your Amazon account in order to access the links listed below.

1. Fire TV

Sure, FOX Weather is available to watch anytime in the FOX Weather app or at foxweather.com. However, if you’re the type that prefers watching your favorite FOX Weather meteorologists on your TV, then this deal is for you.

Amazon is offering all kinds of deals on its TV streaming device called Fire TV Stick. They come with an Alexa-enabled remote.

Shop Fire TV deals here.


2. Security cameras

Not only do these devices help you keep an eye on your home when you’re away, they can also record the awesome power of Mother Nature. Countless videos have been shared of tornadoes, lightning, wildfires and flooding thanks to these tiny but mighty cameras. Amazon is offering deals on both Ring and Blink camera bundles. Shop the deals here.

3. Battery-powered radio

A battery-powered radio is a must-have for any emergency kit. When the lights go out and the power on your phone runs out, this type of radio will still allow you to access the latest weather alerts and local media, so you can get updates on important information. Amazon is offering a deal on a Vondior radio during Prime Day. Shop this deal here.


File: Close-up of advertisement for Amazon Prime Day, printed on an Amazon delivery package, San Ramon, California, July 8, 2019. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)


4. Water bottle

With the summer heat blazing, water is something we just can’t do without. Amazon is offering a deal on a Buzio 1-gallon insulated water bottle. It comes with two steel cups. Shop this deal here.

5. Shade from the sun

Speaking of that sizzling sun, Amazon has a Prime Day deal on a portable canopy that will offer some shade no matter where you’re spending the day. Shop the deal on the AKASO Beach Tent here.

6. Survival kit

A kit is an easy way to bundle up everything you might need during an emergency. Prime Day is offering a deal on a survival kit that includes tools like a flashlight, rope, compass, saw, screwdriver, fire starter rescue blanket and disposable raincoat. It also includes a first aid kit. Shop this deal here.


7. Surge protector

You’ve spent a lot of money on those electronics you have, so you’ll want to protect them from damaging power surges that can happen during storms. Amazon is offering several deals on Belkin surge protectors of varying sizes. Shop this deal here.

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