Allison Williams defends father Brian in wake of suspension from 'NBC Nightly News'

Allison Williams has broken her silence to publicly defend her father Brian for the first time since his suspension from his plum post as the anchor and managing editor of "NBC Nightly News."

During a conversation with NBC late night host Seth Meyers, the "Girls" star called her father "an honest man, a truthful man," adding "I know you can trust him."

Williams was suspended without pay for six months on Feb. 10 after admitting he had lied about being in a helicopter that had come under fire in Iraq during the early days of the 2003 invasion. In the wake of that development, Williams' reporting on other stories has been called into question. His future at the network remains uncertain.

Veteran NBC and MSNBC anchor Lester Holt has been filling in during Williams's absence.

Allison Williams made her remarks in response to a question from Meyers about how her family was doing in light of the suspension. She concluded by saying, "I can't wait until he's back on TV and I know many of you guys feel that way. Thank you for all your support."

The New York Post reported that Williams spoke "with a subdued tone" while "looking down at the stage" during the event at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan.