Alexandria police investigate first homicide of 2016

Police in Alexandria are searching for a man who committed the city's first murder of the year.

On Friday morning a man died just four days after he was attacked and robbed in Old Town Alexandria. He was taking a stroll in the neighborhood when it happened.

Here's an idea of how rare a homicide is here in Alexandria - last year there were four murders, two remain open.
In this case, the victim is a 69-year-old man who lived blocks, just blocks away from where he was stabbed and nearby residents were surprised. Police identified the man as Melaku Abraha. Neighbors say they heard a commotion and when they came outside, Abraha was laying on the ground.

He had a severe head injury but was still conscious when police arrived. Abraha was taken to the hospital and at some point is condition worsened.

Police say this was all the aftermath of a robbery, it remains a mystery what was stolen.
Police have not released a suspect description but say they are interviewing witnesses and reviewing area surveillance cameras that may have captured something.

This all happened across the street from the Alfred Street Baptist Church.