Alexandria eagle nest capturing attention of nearby residents

While the hatching of a baby bald eagle at the U.S. National Arboretum is capturing the attention of many across the country, there is another eagle nest nearby you may not know about that may have some eaglets on the way as well.

This nest is located in Alexandria, Virginia, and the eagle parents are nicknamed George and Martha.

There is no webcam, no national spotlight, but the people with a view of this nest said this is one they would not trade the world for.

On this quiet street way up in the trees just above the George Washington Memorial Parkway, John Lawson has a view that he can only describe as "breathtaking."

"I'll be here on a conference call and I'll just stop sometimes and they wonder why I'm not talking, and I'll watch the bald eagles fly by," he said.

Barry Owenby bought a telescope for his own up-close perch of George and Martha's home.

"They were here last year about this time," Owenby told us. "I think Martha, the female, is sitting on another egg. She hatched some eagles last year and George is flying around finding food."

Bald eagles are long off the endangered list, but their majesty is hard to ignore, especially around the Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve in Alexandria where they find a way to co-exist so close to city living.

"It's so wonderful to know they are coming back the second time," said Owenby. "They built up on their nest so I'm going to be able to watch this every year as long as I'm here."

You can't see into the nest, but their behavior is consistent with those of expectant eagle parents. So if George and Martha are preparing to welcome another eaglet, the question is what should be that little one be named?

"Oh man, I don't know," Owenby said. "Let's see who gets the nomination."

People who live nearby will tell you about the original George and Martha - a pair of eagles that was eventually broken up by a younger eagle nicknamed Angelina.

We will spare you the celebrity speculation, but nonetheless, there is a lot of excitement in the neighborhood for the expected new arrival.