Alec Baldwin's guide to doing the perfect President Trump impersonation

Alec Baldwin does one of the best President Donald Trump impersonations in town - but it doesn't come easy. He puts a lot of work into getting his scenes on Saturday Night Live just right.

"It's less about you sounding like him - although you want to have some approximation of that - or looking like him - and the wig takes care of that. For the most part it's like what you're kind of staking your claim as to who he is."

The audience, the lights, the atmosphere all help - but he has his own set of rules that he follows, he told FOX 5's Kevin McCarthy. Here is how Alec Baldwin - king of the Trump impersonators - gets into character!

#1. Push your face forward as much as you can.

#2. Get your mouth out.

#3. Left eyebrow up - right eyebrow down!

#4. Clinch the neck tight.

#5. Don't forget the lips!

Now LISTEN to it all come together!

Want more? Listen to the UNEDITED version from FOX 5's Kevin McCarthy: