African-American youth hockey team paving the way in Prince George's County

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The DMV is a hotbed of young, talented athletes who hone their skills and dream of taking their game to the next level. The members of the Tucker Road Ducks ice hockey team are no exception.

But what makes this club so special is that it is made up of local African-American youth - a group that, traditionally and by the numbers, doesn't participate in the sport of hockey.

The Ducks - who wear their signature pink and black jerseys - are paving the way in Fort Washington as Prince George's County's first hockey program. Made up of mostly 11 to 14-year-old African-American boys (plus one young lady!), the Ducks called the Tucker Road Ice Rink home until a fire destroyed it in January of this year.

Most of the players hadn't been on the ice until they started playing for the Ducks but being quick learners have made them a skillful and high scoring team.

Parents say that playing for the Ducks has not only made their children better players - but has helped their kids become more mature and better people. One mother even said she has taken to the game since her son started playing and has even downloaded the NHL app to her phone!

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