Adams Morgan package thief sentenced to 7 years in prison

A D.C. man was sentenced to more than seven years in prison for stealing packages in Adams Morgan. 

Rodrigo Miranda, 43, took packages from several locations around Adams Morgan in D.C. between July 19, 2022, and April 4, 2023. 

D.C.'s Superior Court imposed 60 months for one theft conviction, 24 months for another theft conviction, and 180 days for a third theft – totaling to seven years plus 180 days in prison. 

Miranda entered areas he was not legally allowed to be in and destroyed property to steal packages. He had multiple prior theft convictions. 

Residents in Adams Morgan say they banded together to put Miranda in jail, presenting video evidence to police and talking to prosecutors. 

At his sentencing, the Superior Court learned that the "community has vested a good amount of time and effort into bring Mr. Miranda to justice. And it appears to have paid off, as, interestingly, once Mr. Miranda was arrested, the attempted package thefts in [the] building plummeted. It’s barely a problem at all now. His absence has brought a sense of relief to [the] community."

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Adams Morgan package thief sentenced to 7 years in prison