Accused armed rapist arrested by Metro Transit Police

Officers from the Metro Transit Police Department have nabbed a suspect who they said raped a woman in a hotel room earlier this month. 

The accused armed rapist is in custody mere hours after Fairfax County police shared surveillance video and new pictures of him. 

The surveillance video, which was recovered from Metro cameras at the Eastern Market station, depicts a heavyset Black man with short curly black hair that is partially dyed blonde. The man appears to be wearing a large medallion around his neck and a black SpongeBob jacket. 

Second Lt. James Curry with the Fairfax County Police Department said, "There’s a reason that we’re going to the community and asking for help. Because we need to find out who this guy is, and we need to take him into custody."

"A lot of times, we share images hoping people will recognize something unique about a person’s clothing or unique about a person’s appearance or how they walk but in this case, this is crystal clear surveillance footage, and we’re confident that someone in this community can recognize this man," Curry added.

On Oct. 1, Fairfax County police said they responded to the Hawthorn Suites hotel at 5:30 p.m. after receiving a report of an armed man who assaulted a woman.

When police arrived at the hotel in the 8600 block of Westwood Center Drive in Vienna, the suspect had already fled the scene. They later learned that he entered the unlocked hotel room, physically and sexually assaulted the victim, and left. 

A man who police believe knew the victim found out about the assault, saw the suspect, and chased after him. 

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The suspect pointed a firearm at the man and continued his escape to the Metro. 

Metro Transit Police said the man got onto a train at the Spring Hill station took the Silver Line to Metro Center and switched to the Red Line in the direction of Glenmont.

Authorities said evidence was collected at the hotel, and sent to the Department of Forensic Services for analysis. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated for her injuries.

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