Abused stray finds new life as a 'Wunderdog'

There are few better examples of a dog's capacity for love than Maggie.

Picked up off the streets in Lebanon almost a year ago, Maggie was found blind, pregnant and missing an ear and both of her eyes after being shot 17 times. 

But despite the horrors she has endured, Maggie is still a bundle of joy and love, greeting everyone she meets as a new friend.

She was rescued by the Wild at Heart Foundation and flown to England, where she was adopted by Kasey Carlin and now works as a therapy dog, helping teach children about bullying, acceptance, disabilities and how to interact with animals, along with working with the elderly and the differently-abled.

"She is the piece I never knew was missing," Carlin said. "Before Maggie I was depressed and struggling with daily life. Maggie has introduced me to so many new people. I can't walk down the street without Maggie making a new friend. Her joy is infectious and she has made it her personal mission to befriend every person she meets."

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Now, Maggie is living her life pain-free, with a new home, a new fur-sister named Mishka and a dedication to bringing joy to others. But what part of this dog's inspirational story does Carlin find most amazing?

"I can't say just one. Her happiness, confidence, love, ability to forgive? The way she 'looks' straight into the face of whoever she meets. The way she gives her entire heart to strangers. Her calming aura? The way she instantly knows how to act with different people depending on their needs and abilities," Carlin said.

"The way she has forgiven people, when the last thing she saw in this world was a human. Then complete darkness and unimaginable pain as she was shot in the eyes four times plus being shot throughout her little body," Carlin added. "I think that has to be the most amazing thing about her. I still can't explain how she has managed to forgive like that. She doesn't need eyes because she's learned to see with her heart."