Abandoned as a baby, NYC man seeks birth mother

Forty-five years ago Jordan Christopher was abandoned as a baby in a hallway of a Sedgwick housing building in the Bronx. Housing cops on patrol found him. He was believed to be about 5 months old. He had no identifying information on him.

Jordan was adopted shortly after he was found. He was raised in Queens by loving parents. He says he wouldn't trade that for the world. Despite a happy childhood, Jordan said he always felt a void in his heart left even more hollow by questions that ran rampant in his mind.

He decided to launch a Facebook campaign to help find his biological mother. In just a few days his post had been shared around the world.

We met up with Jordan at the Sedgwick houses and to our surprise, we found a woman who lived here when he was abandoned back in 1971. We continued the emotional journey up to the very hallway police found him.

The Gulf War veteran is also a father himself.

Decades have passed yet Jordan's pain is still raw as ever from a wound he believes can only be healed with some answers from his mother.