AAA: Gas prices falling across majority of the U.S. just in time for summer

WASHINGTON (FOX 5 DC) -- Just about every summer -- right when families want to hit the road and head to the beach or the lake or grandma's -- gas prices spike. But this year, so far, things have been different.

"Gasoline prices are below a year ago prices in all but two states across the United States. It's an amazing phenomenon heading into the Fourth of July when we normally see the price of gas spike and reach the highest level of the year," said John Townsend of AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Right now, nearly every state's gas price average is cheaper than a week ago, a month ago, and a year ago.

As of Friday evening, the national average for a regular gallon of gas is $2.70, according to AAA.

They say for Maryland, it's $2.61. In Virginia, the average is $2.45. And in D.C., it's $2.81.

AAA attributes it to lower crude oil prices combined with U.S. supply keeping pace with demand, and ultimately, what it may add up to is more people out on the roads.

AAA said they estimate that about a third of Americans will take an extra road trip this summer if gas prices remain this low.

That's not to say that all Americans feel that way, however. As FOX 5 found out today, a lot of folks think even these relatively low prices are still too high.

So where you can you go to find the really cheap stuff? Well, it'd be a hike, but the cheapest gas we could find in either D.C., Maryland or Virginia is about 100 miles south -- in Prince George, Virginian -- where there is an Exxon selling regular gas for $2.04 per gallon.