#A4Waist: Another misguided social trend

Another new disturbing body image trend has surfaced on the Internet. Women are posting pictures trying to prove their waists are skinny enough to hide behind a piece of paper.

Just when you thought it couldn't get more silly than the thigh gap comes a new social media trend called the A4 Waist Challenge. It is hash-tagged #A4Waist. It involves women holding up a piece of paper to show just how paper thin they are.

In order to qualify for the challenge, a woman has to a hold up a piece of paper across her waist, not horizontally but vertically. It's a criterion no healthy woman can meet.

Dr. Jenny Taitz, a clinical psychologist, says these social media trends are unhealthy for vulnerable and impressionable women, who can then develop an eating disorder.

Dr. Taitz says Photoshopped images in which celebrities are made to look extremely thin or, in some cases, even missing a limb also reinforce unrealistic expectations.

So far the A4 Waist Challenge is hugely popular only in Asia.

American women we spoke to say trends like this one belong in only one place: the garbage.