A year after getting COVID-19, Virginia Gov Ralph Northam still doesn’t have sense of smell, taste

"It's a very unpredictable virus," Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said about COVID-19 when he spoke with FOX 5 Tuesday.


Both the Governor and his wife, Pam Northam, tested positive for COVID-19 in September 2020 after developing symptoms.

Northam said that he still is without his sense of smell and taste – a year later. "We still have some lasting symptoms. I'm just fortunate that nothing worse happened."

Northam said additional cases of COVID-19 are still coming in everyday as are COVID-related deaths. He encouraged all Virginians to get the vaccine – and the booster shot if eligible.

"Everybody needs to realize that the only way we're going to get this behind us is if people get the shot," he said.