‘A special ring': Man who found 64-year-old wedding band on Florida beach is in search of its owner

Avid treasure hunter Mark DesErmia has been searching for riches for much of his life, once discovering a 1967 Stanley Cup championship ring and a Purple Heart ring, both of which he was able to return to their rightful owners.

Now, DesErmia is on the hunt to find the owner of a wedding ring he found dating back to 1955 with the name "Oldulia" inscribed on the band.

Hoping to get the attention of anyone who might know the whereabouts of the person who once wore the 64-year-old ring, he posted a picture of the ring on Facebook asking for any help getting the ring back in the hands of its rightful owner..

"I want to ask all of my Facebook friends to help me find the person who lost this ring," he wrote on Facebook. "My heartfelt gratitude to everyone who will help return such a special ring."

DesErmia said he also posted on various local websites in Florida, where he lives, hoping to locate the owner.

He said his primary motivation for getting the ring back to its owner was the fact that the date inscribed in it was Christmas day.

"I'm assuming that's the day they were married, but it could've been a Christmas present as well," said DesErmia.

"I just think it would be a beautiful, romantic story to find the owner, and hopefully they're still living," he added.

DesErmia urges anyone to reach out to him on Facebook with any information on the ring's owner, but he warned that he won't be fooled by pretenders.

DesErmia said he once made a couple pay for a polygraph when they weren't able to provide photographic proof that they owned a $50,000 diamond ring he found.

"I have methods of making sure that it gets back to the rightful owner," DesErmia said.