A politician who doesn't mind being called a clown

Some people think politicians are clowns.

Pat Payaso encourages it, because, well, Pat is literally a clown.

Payaso (which is Spanish for "clown") is seeking an at-large Boston City Council seat in November's election, which pits four incumbents against four challengers for four open seats. And while one of the incumbents told the Associated Press that Payaso is making a "mockery" of the election, Payaso is a serious candidate - even with the wig and clown makeup.

How serious? Payaso appeared on Thursday's "The Final 5," and claimed to put $1 million into the campaign. We checked with the city of Boston, which confirms a deposit was made in early September.

Payaso's presence has injected some intrigue into what is normally a mundane municipal election. Multiple sources confirm the person behind the makeup successfully sought a legal name change to Pat Payaso earlier this year.

The website lays out a rather extensive list of campaign priorities, including health care, education reform and ending pension giveaways for city employees.

The election is November 8.