A lot of weird stuff spewed out from a Yellowstone geyser

A crushed beer can. A shoe heel. A pacifier from the 1930s.

This is just some of the weird stuff that spewed out of the Ear Springs geyser at Yellowstone National Park on Sept. 15, according to Linda Veress, a National Park spokeswoman.

Some of the items that were strewn about the landscape are "clearly historic" and will be inventoried by curators and may end up in Yellowstone's archives.

WATCH: Ear Spring Geyser erupt

But other stuff clearly will not.

The message from this strange assortment of items? "Foreign objects can damage hot springs and geysers," Veress said. "The next time Ear Spring erupts, we hope it's nothing but natural rocks and water. You can help by never throwing anything into Yellowstone's thermal features!"

Visitors should always stay on the boardwalks and never litter.