'A Capitol Fourth' will go on separately from Trump's July 4th celebration

The annual Fourth of July celebration on the National Mall could look different this year. President Trump apparently wants to address the nation and he could possibly have his own fireworks show.

Mayor Muriel Bowser says previous administrations may have held private July 4th celebrations at The White House but nothing like what Trump is proposing for his Independence Day celebration.

Trump hopes to reportedly have fireworks, entertainment and give a speech at the Lincoln Memorial -- calling his July 4th celebration "A Salute To America" -- not to be confused with The National Park Service's annual "A Capitol Fourth" celebration, which will also have fireworks and live entertainment.

Both events are expected to happen around the same time -- the night of July 4th.

Bowser says the dual celebrations could present significant challenges.

"It would require for us to support moving the president. Right now, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department supports the president's movements and if they change the location of the fireworks that also could prevent us having to support another location of where those fireworks would be located," said Bowser.

On Twitter, "A Capitol Fourth" organizers are clarifying their annual traditional event is not related to Trump's celebration.

It remains a mystery what the security and policing costs associated with having both celebrations will be.