7-year-old Md. boy who became honorary police officer dies from brain cancer

A brave 7-year-old Maryland boy who recently became an honorary Prince George's County police officer has passed away from his battle against brain cancer.

Elijah Young died Tuesday afternoon, according to the Elijah's Fight Facebook page.

Young with diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a highly malignant brain tumor, back in 2012. The tumor spread to his spine and his initial surgery left him temporarily paralyzed. The young boy had to re-learn how to talk, walk and eat while he also underwent chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, last November, an MRI showed the 7-year-old boy from Bowie was found to be suffering again - this time from Stage IV brain cancer.

Last month, Young was surprised and got to spend the day with former Redskins players Chris Cooley and Fred Davis.

On the following day, he visited with the members of the Prince George's County Police Department. He got to take a motorcycle ride and also became an honorary officer.