6 more positive Zika results returned after DC lab error

Additional Zika virus re-test results are back at DC's Department of Forensic Sciences, and FOX 5 has learned that more have come back positive.

This comes after news last week that two pregnant women who were initially told they did not have the Zika virus learned they had actually tested positive. An internal review by the Department of Forensic Sciences found issues with lab testing for the virus between July and December of last year.

D.C. officials said a technical error was discovered by an internal review on Dec. 14. This required all 409 samples dating back to July 14 to be retested.

Six new cases which could be Zika came back positive, for a total of eight cases so far. In all, 207 out of 407 people have been re-tested. A DFS spokesperson said the new cases tested positive for a flavivirus which could be Zika or Dengue, and said "for epidemiology sake, they are considered Zika."

DFS says one of the cases is 100 percent Zika, and the other positive results will be treated as Zika but could be Dengue.

All results should be back by mid-week next week.