5-year-olds provide interesting thoughts on presidential candidates, becoming president

Kids say the darnedest things and when you ask them about the race for the White House, some of their responses are just priceless.

As New Yorkers headed to the polls for the primary election on Tuesday, one Buffalo television station went to visit some 5-year-old students at West Buffalo Charter School. They may be too young to vote, but they provided some interesting analysis on the current presidential candidates.

What do they know about Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton?

"She told everybody she's trying to save the world from Donald Trump," said one girl, who is apparently backing Clinton.

And what does she think about Trump?

"Donald Trump is a bully," she said. "He does bad stuff to the world. And some people like that, but I don't really like that. When I'm the president, I'm going to be nice."

Many of these youngsters do have future presidential aspirations. What would they do if they became president? It seems the future is in good shape with these bright minds. Here are some of their responses:

"Make a rule - no smoking."

"Be good to other people."

"I would tell the people to exercise."

Watch the video above to see their candid responses.