5-year-old girl suffers fractured skull after being hit by glass bottle from passing SUV

A five-year old girl who was supposed to graduate from kindergarten on Monday is being treated for major injuries made to her skull after being hit by a glass bottle tossed out of an SUV in Corona.

On Friday afternoon, the kindergartner was walking home from school with her siblings on Lincoln Avenue in Corona when she was suddenly struck in the head by a flying bottle coming from an SUV on the road.

Her family says she underwent surgery and was improving Saturday.

Five-year-old Karla Zosayas is happy to be home from the hospital.

She says, "Somebody threw a bottle and it cut my head." It did more than that. Karla was hospitalized in intensive care with a fractured skull.

Both Karla and her father believe the person who threw the bottle in her direction, did it with the intent to harm. They say several witnesses tried to get the driver to stop but the person kept on going.

Corona police are looking for the driver of a large silver or gray SUV, possibly a Chevy Tahoe, with collision damage to the front and six or eight spoke wheels.

Authorities say it isn't immediately clear if the bottle was intentionally thrown at the child.

If you know anything about this case please contact the Corona Police Department.

AP contributed to this story.