5 things you can do to take PERFECT pictures of the trees in bloom at the National Cherry Blossom

If you are heading to the National Cherry Blossom Festival during the peak bloom dates (from April 11th to 14th) you'll have a great opportunity to take some amazing pictures.

But how do you get the BEST pictures?

Hong Le, assistant photo editor at the Washingtonian Magazine, joined us to talk about the 5 things you should do to take cherry blossom photos that will stand out!

First , she says make sure you are prepared and have your equipment ready. It's easy to forget the basics – like charging your camera battery!

Second , timing is everything. If you choose the right time to photograph the blossoms - you could end up with beautiful shots of a serene Tidal Basin with trees in full bloom. If you pick the wrong time - you might get crowds of people next to bare trees! Le says shoot for the peak bloom dates, sunrise or sunset, and weekdays instead of weekends.

Third , compose your shot. Take a few seconds before you *CLICK* to make sure you frame the beauty of the trees, the monuments and the people.

Fourth , take advantage of the natural beauty of the Tidal Basin and scout your location. There are so many beautiful spots and vantage points to choose from - don't settle for the first one just because. It might be hard to take a bad shot when you're surrounded by so much beauty - but with a little patience - you might take a GREAT shot!

Fifth - and possibly most important - RELAX!!! You want great pictures - but as Hong Le says – don't forget to stop and smell the blossoms!

GET THE FULL LIST of tips on how to take good photos at the Cherry Blossom Festival HERE: http://www.washingtonian.com/blogs/capitalcomment/photos/how-to-take-good-photos-at-the-cherry-blossom-festival.php

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