5 things to do to lose weight and find positive body image

Sarah Fraser is not shy when it comes to talking about her personal life - and part of that deals with her issues with weight.

Sarah admits she has struggled for years with weight gain and yo-yo dieting.

A recent blog post talks about how she has gained and lost over 150 lbs since the age of 12.

About four years ago, Sarah stopped dieting and started seeing a mindful eating and living therapist. Since then she has lost about 15 lbs and doesn't spend all of her time thinking about food, counting calories, and dragging herself to fitness classes.

So, what's her secret for success? Since we're all different - there is no quick fix that will work for everyone. The trick is to experiment with food and exercise and find what works for you, she says.

Here are her 5 things to do to lose weight and find positive body image.

1. Keep a 'Food Mood Journal': How did you feel after eating that pizza? Energized...or bloated and tired? You'll begin to see patterns - food should make you feel good!

2. Throw Food Away With Joy: You don't have to finish everything - and once you stop cleaning the plate you'll see your waistline change!

3. Eat When You're Hungry and Stop When You're Full: This takes time to learn - and using your food journal can really help. Try eating slow and you'll begin to feel it.

4. Find an Exercise That You Love Not That You Feel You Have To Do: Find an exercise you love and you'll do it every day. If you love it - it makes it easy to actually do it.

5. Forgive and LOVE Yourself And Your Body Every Step Of The Way: You need to retrain your brain - don't hate your body, don't tell yourself you're fat, don't punish yourself.

READ HER FULL BLOG HERE: http://heyfrase.com/blog/2015/4/12/here-are-my-5-ways-to-natural-weight-loss-and-positive-body-image