4-year-old girl hospitalized after being hit by bicycle

A little girl has been hospitalized after being mowed down by a bicyclist at a metro Atlanta park. And to make matters worse, her father said the biker didn't even stop to make sure she was OK.

Kansas Keever was transported to Gwinnett County Medical Center's ER after being mowed down at Rock Springs Park.

Tyson Keever, Kansas's dad, told FOX 5 that everything happened so fast that even though she tried to get out of the way, she couldn't stop from being hurt. "I could hear the bicycle and it sounded pretty loud," Keever said.

Keever was walking the park trail in Lawrenceville with the 4 year old and her two siblings at around 5:30 Friday evening when it happened. "He swerves right into her and they had a big collision and he flew over his handlebars and into the tree line," he said.

Keever said that when his daughter was knocked to the ground, the cyclist kept going. Medics transported the badly injured girl to Gwinnett Medical Center.

"She had to get nine stitches in her forehead right about here, a pretty big laceration, road rash on her face the nose, both her knees are swollen," he said. "One of her knees is about the size of a softball and she has seven to eight markings on her left calf outside from where the spikes of the chain actually dig into her skin."

Keever filed a police report and contacted Gwinnett Parks and Rec in hopes of tracking down the person responsible. Officials say they are looking into the incident.