4 simple ways to stay fit during the holidays

With the stress and joy of the holidays fast approaching, here's our annual reminder that the season doesn't have to mean your health and fitness should be ignored. Fortunately, the New York Post gathered four great tips from nutritionists to stay in fighting shape this holiday season.

1. Interval training. These are high-intensity workouts with short rest periods. It's recommended to do 30 minutes of interval training three to four times a week.

According to nutritionist Alix Woods, "Interval training allows the body to burn more calories over a shorter time than steady cardiovascular exercise."

2. Add protein to your diet. Protein has been proven to keep you fuller longer. This will keep you from eating all of the tempting holiday treats.

3. Eat every three hours. Nutritionist Marilyn Glenville says you should "try to keep your blood sugar levels and energy levels stable by eating regularly."

4. Get plenty of sleep. Not sleeping can stop the body from shedding pounds. If you're having too much fun to get enough rest, nutritionist Martina Della Vedova warns that, "as a response the body will slow the metabolism down and shifting pounds can become very difficult."

So it's simple. Squeeze in some short bursts of fitness, stay fueled with healthy foods, and make good sleep a priority. Make a plan and stick to it. It can be your holiday gift to yourself.