30 acres of sunflowers to bloom in Montgomery County

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McKee-Beshers in Poolesville will be swept in golden hues as 30 acres of sunflowers prepare to bloom.

Located on River Road in Montgomery County, McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area is prepping to welcome 30 acres of sunflowers in their full glory.

Grab your camera and get ready to photograph the happy flowers! McKee-Beshers says the ideal viewing times may begin July 22 to 23, and the peak time to see the sunflowers begins July 29 to 30.

Generally, sunflowers are in full bloom for two weeks. But this year they've taken longer to blossom due to the weather conditions.

As part of the wildlife management program, the sunflowers are planted in nine different fields where each serves as a food source for wildlife. It is for this reason that visitors are asked to not pick the sunflowers, as it reduces the amount of seeds available to wildlife.

Visitors are also advised that McKee-Beshers does not have amenities. According to their press release:

"While the area is open to the public, visitors should be advised that the area does not have amenities such as garbage cans, restrooms, shelters or tables. Additionally, anyone walking through the area should protect themselves against the elements, namely mosquitoes, poison ivy, ticks and - of course - the sun. Long pants and hiking shoes are recommended."

Be sure to plan accordingly!

If you need help getting there, click on this map for directions.