3 major benefits to being born in December

Having a December birthday isn't always easy, but it turns out there are some major benefits to being born the last month of the year!

December babies will be enjoying many birthdays to come. According to a study published in the Journal of Aging Research, people lucky enough to be born in December are significantly more likely to live up to age 105 and (beyond!) compared to those born in June.

Their longevity could be explained by the fact that December babies aren't as likely to contract most major diseases. Researchers at the Columbia University Department of Medicine examined the records of 1.75 million patients born between 1900 and 2000. They found that being born in December offers protection against neurological and cardiovascular diseases.

And maybe that's why December babies are also happier! A study presented at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology suggests that the month in which we were born can have an important effect on our mood-- and winter babies are significantly less irritable than those born at any other time of the year.

Healthy, happy-- and smart! December babies might be some of the youngest in class, but studies show that's an advantage in the long run. Because they're in a more mature environment, in striving to catch up with their peers, they ended up surpassing them. They develop grit, which is a lifelong asset and a key ingredient for success.

So whether you're a December baby yourself (or just lucky enough to know one)-- it is an excellent reason to celebrate!