3 French Bulldogs stolen by armed suspects while on walk in Southeast DC, police say

D.C. Police are searching for the suspects who reportedly stole three French Bulldogs that were out for a walk with their owner in Southeast. 

According to a police report, the victim was walking in an alley in the 5200 block of East Capitol Street, Southeast around 4 p.m. on Tuesday when three suspects jumped out of a blue minivan and came up to him, all armed with handguns and rifles. 

The victim, who asked FOX 5 to not identify him, said he assumed the suspects were going to rob him of his wallet or cell phone. As he tried to get away, he tripped on a hill in the alleyway.

"Immediately, one of the guys with a smaller handgun grabbed my dog and brought it back to the car. It was a van kind of waiting for them. When I saw that, it kind of clicked that they were here for my dogs," he said. "I didn’t even like…was comprehending what they were saying. I was just so focused on the gun, and how big it was."

The victim said after that, there were guns pointed at him.

"When they did that, I didn’t know if I was about to die. So, I just unbuckled the belt harness that was around my waist with the dogs and they immediately took the dogs…ran over to the car, took them in," he said.

The three dogs are all girls and the victim said he has raised them since they were only a few weeks old.

"Chewy" has brown fur and weighs approximately 18 pounds, "Coco" has white fur and weighs approximately 30 pounds, and "Buttercup" has brown fur and spots, and weighs approximately 25 pounds. 

"It’s just like somebody literally taking a part of your family and like…taking it away. The dogs, not even the cost. Frenchies are known for being expensive, but it’s those bonds I can never recreate," he said. "I thought I had ten years with each one of them and just like that, gone. It just kind of hurts, it sucks. It’s traumatic, like…I don’t wish this on anybody. I wish they would stop doing stuff like this."

He said it’s possible, the suspects are trying to sell the dogs. If that’s the case, he said he would gladly buy them back with no questions asked.

"If you choose not to sell me the dogs, whoever has them…they’re good dogs. They’re good, loving, friendly dogs. They’re not vicious or, like, annoying or barkers. My dogs are trained really well, good temperaments. Please provide a good home. That’s all I want for them at the end of the day," he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call MPD at 202-727-9099 or text a tip to 50411.