3 accused of running massage parlors disguised as front for prostitution ring in Montgomery County

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Montgomery County police have busted a prostitution ring that spanned three cities and four different massage parlors.

A married couple and another associate are at the center of a seven-month investigation conducted by police that resulted in their arrests.

Hong Wang, Xiaoxia Lin and Hanfeng Zhang are facing a long list of felony human trafficking charges for running a prostitution business by using massage spas as a front. Police said they were tipped off by neighboring businesses that were concerned about the possibility of illicit activity.

According to authorities, their senses were spot on as 40 men were stopped as they were leaving the massage parlors in question. They all admitted to receiving illicit sex acts, with many claiming to have paid $60 in addition to $40 as a tip for the service.

Investigators said the illegal activity happened at Lily Spa located in Rockville, another nearby office unit, Angela Spa in Gaithersburg and Shiatsu Spa in Derwood.

According to investigators, one of the ring leaders would either pick up the women or send an Uber to pick the women up at a Gaithersburg apartment and then bring them back to one of the four massage spa locations for a day's worth of work.

Two of the three suspects have been released from jail on bond.