25 puppies seized in Manassas pet store raid

Police stormed a puppy shop and seized 25 dogs in Manassas last week. Now, the owner and manager are facing several charges.

Police say puppies at Capital City Pups were living in poor conditions and receiving inadequate care.

Manassas City Police say their investigation began May 15 after a tip came in complaining about the puppies' poor living conditions and lack of care which animal control officers confirmed, prompting last Friday's raid and seizure.

The puppies were taken to the Manassas Animal Adoption Center where they remain.

"The dogs, for the most part, are in good health. They've been taken to a vet," said Sarah Maroney, Public Information Officer, Manassas City Police Department.

FOX 5 has learned a disgruntled customer could possibly be to blame for the raid. Even so, police say the charges the owner and manager are facing are not jailable offenses.

It could be at least a week before the puppies are available for adoption as the investigation continues