21 dogs rescued from puppy mills recovering, to be up for adoption

Today, 21 dogs are finally getting the medical care and love they deserve.

Adult Maltese, Yorkies and even a few Poodles are recovering after spending their lives in cages... found in puppy mills that operate outside of Arizona.

"These are big breeding facilities that are typically in the Midwest and they breed these dogs as long as they can breed them," said Judith Gardner, president and CEO of the Arizona Animal Welfare League. "They get to this age, about 6 to 8 years old, they can't breed anymore. And they used to just euthanize them, but now with National Mill Dog Rescue, they go around and pick up the ones they're finished with."

That rescue is asking the Arizona Animal Welfare League for help finding these animals homes. They happily agreed, but now the work must begin.

"Their teeth are in terrible shape," Gardner said. "Some of them will need more major medical care. We'll get them all groomed. We'll take really good care of them and check each individual one carefully to see what their needs are."

They'll be ready in a few weeks to go to caring and patient homes, preferably with another dog to show them the ropes as they learn to live new lives outside of a metal cage.