2018 Midterm Election sees high turnout as voters show up to polls

The rain didn't stop voters from showing up at the polls in Maryland or Virginia on Election Day.

In both Potomac and Rockville, long lines extending out at polling places. Voters also came out in full force in Virginia, where crowds were ramping up Tuesday evening for those getting off work.

Officials say turnout has been comparable to a presidential election.

On Tuesday morning, as the rain really started coming down, it even caused some minor flooding in spots. But many voters say they're not letting the rain dampen their spirits.

At Williamsburg Middle School in Arlington County, voters and poll workers arrived under umbrellas and rain jackets. But there weren't lines as most voters told FOX 5 it only took a few minutes for them to cast their ballots.

It's unclear if the bad weather had an impact on voter turnout, but so far, an official at Langley High school in Fairfax County's very contested Virginia's 10th Congressional District says people of all ages are really into this election.

"For midterms, it's running about even with the presidential election. We usually get this kind of a turnout, but for midterms, not this high. So it has been high and it has been steady all day. … Crowds all day. There's usually dead periods around noon, but not today," said Chief Election Officer Jody Sweet.

"I waited until the late morning to see, figured the lines wouldn't be too long then," said Virginia voter Diane Small. "So that worked out for me. But it's pretty to go in and out. So nobody should stay home because of the rain."

Brad Winkleman brought his kids along with him to the polls.

"Just wanted these guys to experience voting so when they get old enough to vote, they can come and do their civic duty," he said.

"I think it's pretty cool that a whole bunch of people come here and do the same thing," said Winkleman's daughter, Eva.

"I think the turnout is going to be at presidential levels, which I believe is about 75 percent two years ago," said Sweet. "We were very very high and I think we are on track to beat that maybe today. At least tie it."