2016- Losing three of the greatest sports figures ever

Arnold Palmer: "The King"

His impressive winning of seven majors and 62 PGA tournaments don't even do justice to his greatness and what he did for the sport of golf. He is measured by the hearts he won by playing with his heart on his sleeve. His magnetism, gambling playing style, and boyish good looks helped attract many new fans. With his charisma and the arrival of television coverage, he was supported by a massive fan base in the U.S. and the U.K. known as "Arnie's Army." Palmer and his humble Pennsylvania roots took a private, stuffy sport and gave it to the masses. He not only changed his game, he changed the way all sports stars make money -- becoming the first to earn $1 million playing golf, and using his personal brand to set up an empire worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Gordie Howe: "Mr. Hockey"

Watch the video farewell to other greats we lost in 2016.