2 years after police shootout, DC woman still waiting for police to pay for damages caused to car

A woman is fighting for help and answers after she said police were involved in a shootout in her Northeast D.C. neighborhood two years ago and her car ended up being caught in the crossfire.

Patricia Price said bullets went flying all over the place as police were zeroing in on a reported suspect.

She is a teacher and uses her Jeep Liberty every day to go to work. But it has been patched with duct tape for the last couple of years after the shootout left her car riddled with bullet holes, shattered windows and more than $13,000 worth of damage.

"I just kept calling, didn't get a response," she said. "Kept calling, calling, calling."

Price said that lasted several months after she turned in a formal complaint and 50 pictures of her damaged vehicle. She said police promised to fix the damage.

Finally, she received a call back from the D.C.'s Office of Risk Management. She said they told her, "I don't have your pictures. I said, 'What do you mean you don't have my pictures?' I said I gave my pictures to the young lady when I turned in everything and I said it is listed on the cover letter that I gave you photos."

Fast forward to June 9, 2016. FOX 5 was at an emergency community meeting held at the Fifth District police station where Price raised her issues with D.C. Commander William Fitzgerald.

Despite being assured at this meeting that the city would respond to Price's situation, they haven't. Since then, Price told us nothing has happened.

In addition to the thousands of dollars' worth of damage, Price also lost a car seat and a DVD player.