2 Virginia students claim school will not allow them to be selected together as Homecoming Kings

There is a homecoming court controversy heating up at a Fairfax County school.

According to students, Robinson Secondary School was moving towards having two homecoming kings for the first time in the school's history. However, FOX 5 has been told that the school's principal reportedly implemented a rule requiring a homecoming king and a homecoming queen to be crowned.

The two male students who want to lead the homecoming court as homecoming kings are apparently best friends. One of them tweeted that he and his best friend were denied their homecoming king titles by the school administration.

"So, today I am sad and disappointed in our school James W. Robinson Secondary School administration, for denying me and my best friend … the title of Homecoming Kings. Time to show them we did not come to play! #HomecomingKings #Timetofightback #Thekingsdeservetheircrowns," the tweet said.

The tweet has been retweeted more than 650 times with more than 1,000 likes as of Wednesday.

The homecoming court is traditionally voted on by students, which some describe as a popularity contest.

The would-be homecoming kings said Robinson's principal received word they were leading in votes and demanded the homecoming court to be restructured so that every guy must be paired with a girl.

"I think it's a little shocking," said Ian Kavanaugh, a graduate of Robinson last year. "I always thought that Robinson was very inclusive. I always thought that we were all in this together because of all the inclusive events that we held during my time here. I understand that maybe there is a rule that there has to be five guys and five girls. But I think for a really inclusive student body and we want to change, then I really don't think that it should matter. I think we should have whoever we want be whoever they want to be."

"They can do whatever they want. I don't think there is any problem with it. It's a good thing to be going on," said Robinson graduate Audrey Walsh.

"With the current trend that is happening in our society, I don't think there should be any discrimination against the gender," said parent Kamran Afshar. "So it could be same gender or bi-gender - either way."

Fairfax County Public Schools said in a statement:

"Comments attributed to the school principal about who is eligible to serve on the homecoming court are untrue. The principal did not speak with any students about the homecoming court selection process until today.

"Five male students and five female students will be presented as the homecoming court next month at a school pep rally. Students will select one king and one queen from the court. All members of the court will be given the opportunity to present either individually or as couples, accompanied by family members."

FOX 5 asked a Fairfax County Public Schools spokesperson whether Robinson could have two homecoming kings. However, he was unable to provide an answer.

The school's student council president told FOX 5 in a text message that the entire council agrees that Robinson should have two homecoming kings, that gender should not be the main consideration and that the wishes of the students should be respected.

The male student who posted the viral tweet later stated Wednesday evening: