2 University of Maryland assault suspects at large, as 3 incidents reported in less than 2 months

Since December, students at the University of Maryland have reported assaults described as "unlawful touching" on three different occasions. They include two incidents from over the weekend.

Police say at around 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning, a man walked into an unlocked dorm room in Elkton Hall and climbed into bed with a woman.

Police say the suspected intruder has been identified and there is no threat to the campus community. They say additional information will be shared within the next 24 hours.

Later on Sunday evening, campus police say a woman reported being assaulted on Fieldhouse Drive near Stamp Student Union at around 5 p.m.

The suspect, 26-year-old Patrick Craig Locke from DC was arrested inside the student union near the bookstore and was charged with fourth degree sex offense, second degree assault and trespassing.

"The alleged person might be a student so that might be less of a security matter and more of a behavioral matter so I feel pretty safe for the most part once we lock our doors it is not really a problem or anything," said a student.

"My door locks automatically but I would assume most people would lock their doors, I think its a situation where her roommate stepped out and she forge to to lock the door or something but it is pretty scary."

"We do have great security. I'm not going to lie like there are police all over all the time and we have the blue light system as most college campuses do. I feel safe -- of course things are going to happen in the world where assaults are going to occur so we have to work together to make the community safer."

Police are also continuing to investigate a incident that happened on Dec. 17 near the campus chapel.

A female student reported to police she was assaulted by a man who came up next to her as she walked through campus.

Police say the suspect is described as a man with athletic build abd a beard who was wearing a gray sweater with holes.

Police released a picture of the suspect but at this point no arrest has been made.