2 Seneca Valley football coaches disciplined after players involved in altercation, official says

Two football coaches at Seneca Valley High School in Germantown were disciplined after a physical altercation occurred between players, according to the school district.

A Montgomery County Public Schools spokesperson told FOX 5 that several football players hit and smacked a fellow teammate in the head in a locker room on Sept. 18. The spokesperson would not go into further details on whether there were any injuries or what caused the incident.

The altercation was reported to police, but it is believed no charges were filed, according to the spokesperson.

Montgomery County Public Schools would not disclose what the exact discipline was for the two coaches, but say they received it for lack of supervision of their players. The students involved in the physical altercation were also disciplined.

Last week, five Damascus High School students were charged with rape or attempted rape following an alleged sexual assault incident involving members of the junior varsity football team.

The school district says it is investigating whether the incidents at Seneca Valley and Damascus are coincidental or if there is a larger cultural problem involving hazing, bullying and harassment.