1st 'Community School' in Fairfax County looks to help families at Walt Whitman Middle School

A middle school in Fairfax County is looking to increase student success in the classroom by assisting their families outside of school.

Walt Whitman Middle School in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County is the first community school in Fairfax County.

The community school program took off in October, and in just four short months, more than 80 families are benefiting from its services.

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Delia Montecinos, 28, leads the program that provides students and their families extra help outside the classroom and said giving aid to the families is a personal mission for her.

"I used to live in a house where we had nine people," Montecinos explained. "They were family members but we lived in a one bedroom apartment, it was kind of hard."

The program helps low-income students and their families with issues such as food services, rent, car repairs and more. Leaders hope the extra help outside the classroom will increase student success inside the classroom.

Organizers said they're seeking to expand and funding for the program was thanks to a grant.