18-year-old arrested after fatal stabbing of teen at Deanwood Metro station

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A man has been arrested in connection with a fatal stabbing of a teen a at D.C. Metro station - the same station where another teen was shot and killed just several weeks ago.

18-year-old Javonte Hall was arrested and faces charges after investigators say he stabbed and killed 15-year-old John Rufus Evans III just after 11 a.m. Monday as he was exiting a train at the Deanwood Metro station.

Police say the incident was captured on camera and images of the stabbing led the to the suspect. They say neither teen was a part of a gang, but rather, an ongoing dispute led to the stabbing. The two, police said, were riding on the same train but in separate cars.

According to the affidavit filed in the case, four people, including what appears to be the station manager, witnessed all or part of what happened. The document also stated that the two men had previously seen each other, made eye contact and called out to each other between cars.

Witnesses say that when the train stopped, Hall got off with a woman, and Evans got off with a man. Two of the witnesses say that the man with Evans appeared to be recording with a cell phone as they all made their way down the escalator.

That is when witnesses say there was a commotion and punches were thrown then Evans collapsed to the ground.

This latest incident comes several weeks after 15-year-old Davonte Washington was shot and killed at the same Metro station. The suspect in that incident, 17-year-old Maurice Bellamy was also captured with the aid of the Metro's security cameras. He faces second degree murder charges.

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