Tucker and Caitlin are engaged and her parents couldn’t be happier!

After an overseas proposal, Tucker Barnes and Caitlin Roth are back home and back to work!

On his first morning back in the weather center, Tucker got a surprise phone call from Caitlin's parents -- Tom and Eileen – who said they are delighted to welcome him into the family.


Tucker Barnes and Caitlin Roth share details about their amazing surprise engagement story

FOX 5's Caitlin Roth and Tucker Barnes are engaged!

Tucker went the old-fashioned route by calling Caitlin's dad weeks before he planned to propose. Tom said when he saw Tucker's name flash on his phone his first thought was that he might be calling to talk about something weather-related!

It didn't take long for Tom to realize the real reason for the call. "It might be old-fashioned but it's still very fashionable," Tom told us about Tucker asking for permission to marry his daughter.